Infinitus Vox proudly carries the GrandMA3 Full and Light Size control consoles for rental. The GrandMA3 includes physical playbacks and assignable x-keys for added flexibility. The context sensitive letterbox screens are dedicated to providing feedback and options for playback and encoder hardware, while the huge multi-touch screen real-estate provides instant access to programming tools and can be configured to individual needs. Compatible with grandMA2 and grandMA3 software, hardware is ergonomically optimized and can also be considered a silent version by default for advanced flexibility in one reliable console.


     Some of Infinitus Vox's key ideals are based off the strength in collaboration. We offer Pre Visual services via the GrandMA3 console with Depence2 serving as the visual platform that is also integrated with Pangolin for laser control not only to give you an opportunity to build your show virtually, and also offer the client 3D renderings. 

For Rental and Pre Viz availability please use the Contact page information for inquiries.